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  2. Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) | CADCA

    The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) Public Law 114-198 (Original Bills as Introduced in 114 th Congress: S.524/H.R.953) The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) establishes a comprehensive, coordinated, balanced strategy through enhanced grant programs that would expand prevention and education efforts while also promoting treatment and recovery.

  3. CARA Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, which focuses on developing and commercializing new chemical entities designed to alleviate pruritus by selectively targeting peripheral kappa opioid receptors (KORs).

  4. Cara | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict

    cara ( kah - rah ) feminine noun 1. (body part) a. face Le acarició la cara dulcemente para despertarla.He caressed her face sweetly to wake her up. 2. (position) a. side Recuerden escribir sobre las dos caras del papel.Remember to write on both sides of the piece of paper. Son dos caras de la misma moneda.They are two sides of the same coin.

  5. STAMFORD, Conn., Jan. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cara Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: CARA), a commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company leading a new treatment paradigm to improve the lives of...

  6. Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) is a statutory body of Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India. It functions as the nodal body for adoption of Indian children and is mandated to monitor and regulate in-country and inter-country adoptions. CARA is designated as the Central Authority to deal with inter-country adoptions in accordance with the provisions of the Hague Convention on Inter-country Adoption, 1993, ratified by Government of India in 2003.

  7. Cara (given name) - Wikipedia

    Cara is a female given name in several languages. It is of Latin, Greek, and Celtic origin. It has been frequently used mostly in recent times, especially in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. and can also be used as a short form for the name Caralee . Cara is an Irish feminine given name meaning "friend".

  8. CARA is a national, non-profit, Georgetown University affiliated research center that conducts social scientific studies for and about the Catholic Church. We conduct surveys, focus groups, interviews, demographics, mapping, and program evaluations for clients among other social science research.

  9. CARA, with over 10,000 members, is the nation’s third-largest running club, serving as the voice of local runners, as well as providing over 1,300 dates of programming and events per year. Proud member of the Road Runners Club of America. Membership. Join / Renew.

  10. The Charges Facing Cara Northington, Mother of Idaho Victim

    The only one of the parents we know Taylor has represented is Northington —who is also known as Cara Kernodle. Here's what we know about what charges she faces. Newsweek Newsletter sign-up > The...

  11. What Are Cara Cara Oranges? - The Spruce Eats

    A single medium Cara Cara orange, weighing around 150 grams, is 87 percent water and provides 80 calories and 19 grams of carbs, along with 3 grams of fiber, 1 gram of protein, and negligible fat. It also provides 82 milligrams of vitamin C, which is about 91 percent of the USDA daily value, making Cara Cara oranges an excellent source of this nutrient.