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  2. Business manager - Wikipedia

    Typically, the business manager and the owner work may work in synergy to ensure successful running of business. Having a specialization in a particular field, such as sales, marketing, public relations or finance aids in efficiency, yet despite the usual academic qualities of a business manager, business managers also develop personal ...

  3. School business manager - Wikipedia

    A school business manager (SBM), sometimes known as a School Business Leader (SBL) or bursar, is a senior member of non-teaching staff responsible for managing non-teaching activity in a school. This position exists in schools in the United Kingdom, but not in most public schools in the United States.

  4. Business relationship management - Wikipedia

    There is one shared business strategy with each business partner accountable for portions of the overall business value achieved. Business Relationship Management Institute, Inc started promoting this business capability in 2012 with a non-profit membership community dedicated to the BRM profession. These features include:

  5. Interim management - Wikipedia

    Interim management is the temporary provision of management resources and skills. Interim management can be seen as the short-term assignment of a proven heavyweight interim executive manager to manage a period of transition, [clarification needed] crisis or change within an organization.

  6. Hugh Grant (business executive) - Wikipedia

    Early life. Grant was born in Larkhall, Scotland.He received a bachelor's degree in agricultural zoology and molecular biology from the University of Glasgow, a postgraduate degree in agriculture from the University of Edinburgh, and an MBA from the International Management Centre in Buckingham, England.

  7. Product manager - Wikipedia

    A product manager (PM) is a professional role that is responsible for the development of products for an organization, known as the practice of product management.Product managers own the product strategy behind a product (physical or digital), specify its functional requirements, and manage feature releases.

  8. Cost centre (business) - Wikipedia

    A cost centre is a department within a business to which costs can be allocated. The term includes departments which do not produce directly but incur costs to the business, when the manager and employees of the cost centre are not accountable for the profitability and investment decisions of the business but they are responsible for some of its costs.

  9. Talent manager - Wikipedia

    A talent manager (also known as an artist manager, band manager or music manager) is an individual who guides the professional career of artists in the entertainment industry. The responsibility of the talent manager is to oversee the day-to-day business affairs of an artist; advise and counsel talent concerning professional matters, long-term ...