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  2. Business telephone system - Wikipedia

    Business telephone systems are often broadly classified into key telephone systems, and private branch exchanges, but many hybrid systems exist. A key telephone system was originally distinguished from a private branch exchange in that it did not require an operator or attendant at the switchboard to establish connections between the central ...

  3. General Electric Building - Wikipedia

    Emporis gives a height of 640 feet (195 m), while the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat's Skyscraper Center cites the building as being 643 feet (196 m). Form. The building's lowest stories contain elaborate masonry and architectural figural sculpture, with a round corner facing Lexington Avenue and 51st Street.

  4. GE Oil and Gas - Wikipedia

    GE Oil & Gas was the division of General Electric that owned its investments in the petroleum industry.In July 2017, this division was merged with Baker Hughes.. The division supplied equipment for the petroleum industry including drilling, subsea and offshore, onshore, LNG, distributed gas, oil pipeline and oil storage, oil refinery and petrochemical.

  5. Replication (computing) - Wikipedia

    Virtual synchrony: involves a group of processes which cooperate to replicate in-memory data or to coordinate actions. The model defines a distributed entity called a process group . A process can join a group and is provided with a checkpoint containing the current state of the data replicated by group members.

  6. Synchrony Financial - Wikipedia

    Synchrony Financial is a consumer financial services company headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, United States. The company offers consumer financing products, including credit, promotional financing and loyalty programs, installment lending to industries, and FDIC-insured consumer savings products through Synchrony Bank, its wholly owned online bank subsidiary.

  7. Sociology - Wikipedia

    Synchrony slices moments of time for analysis, thus it is an analysis of static social reality. Diachrony, on the other hand, attempts to analyse dynamic sequences. Following Saussure, synchrony would refer to social phenomena as a static concept like a language , while diachrony would refer to unfolding processes like actual speech .

  8. Smiley - Wikipedia

    The association was cemented when the band Bomb the Bass used an extracted smiley from the comic book series Watchmen on the center of its "Beat Dis" hit single. The Watchmen comic series logo In addition to the movie adaptation of Watchmen , the film Suicide Squad has the character Deadshot staring into the window of a clothing store.

  9. GE HealthCare - Wikipedia

    GE HealthCare is a subsidiary of American multinational conglomerate General Electric incorporated in New York and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. As of 2017, it is a manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic imaging agents and radiopharmaceuticals for imaging modalities used in medical imaging procedures.