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  2. Life Insurance Corporation - Wikipedia

    Liberalisation post 2000s. In August 2000, the Indian Government embarked on a program to liberalise the insurance sector and opened it up to the private sector. LIC benefited from this process and in 2013 reported the first year premium compound annual growth rate (CAGR) was 24.53% while total life premium CAGR was 19.28% matching the growth of the life insurance industry and outperforming ...

  3. Killer Mike - Wikipedia

    Michael Santiago Render (born April 20, 1975), better known by his stage name Killer Mike, is an American rapper, actor, and activist.Mike made his debut on Outkast's 2000 LP Stankonia, and later appeared on their Grammy-winning single "The Whole World" from their greatest hits album Big Boi and Dre Present...

  4. Securities and Exchange Board of India - Wikipedia

    The Indian Securities market regulator SEBI had given the recognized Securities exchanges two years to comply or exit the business. Process of de-recognition and exit. Following is an excerpts from the circular: Exchanges may seek exit through voluntary surrender of recognition.

  5. Telecommunications in Thailand - Wikipedia

    However, although the Trade Competition Act (“TCA”) BE 2560 (2017), states that the TCA does not apply to sectors that have specific legislation (i.e.: Banking, Broadcasting and Telecom), the Telecommunications Business Act (“TBA”) B.E. 2544 (2001) – Section 21 states: “In the telecommunications business operation, other than being ...

  6. First Red Scare - Wikipedia

    Duration: January 21, 1919 – April 1, 1920: Location: United States: Cause: October and Russian Revolution of 1917, 1919 United States anarchist bombings: Participants: Lee Slater Overman

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