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  2. 287 Synonyms & Antonyms of BETTER - Merriam-Webster

    better 3 of 4 noun 1 as in superior one who is above another in rank, station, or office be polite to your betters and to your inferiors in equal measure Synonyms & Similar Words superior boss senior master leader chief elder head Antonyms & Near Antonyms subordinate inferior assistant underling deputy 2 as in advantage

  3. Better Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    transitive verb. 1. : to make better (see better entry 1 ): such as. a. : to make more tolerable or acceptable. trying to better the lot of slum dwellers. b. : to make more complete or perfect. looked forward to bettering her acquaintance with the new neighbors.

  4. BETTER | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    A1. comparative of good : of a higher standard, or more suitable, pleasing, or effective than other things or people: He stood near the front to get a better view. Relations between the two countries have never been better. It's much better to have a small, cozy room than a big, cold one.

  5. Better Definition & Meaning |

    in a more appropriate or acceptable way or manner: to behave better. to a greater degree; more completely or thoroughly: He knows the way better than we do. I probably know him better than anyone else. verb (used with object) to increase the good qualities of; make better; improve: to better one's grades; to better the lot of the suburban commuter.

  6. Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance -

    "Better is a masterpiece, a series of stories set inside the four walls of a hospital that end up telling us something unforgettable about the world outside.” ―Malcolm Gladwell, author of Talking to Strangers “Atul Gawande's insightful book illuminates the challenging choices members of the profession face every day.” ―Susan Salter Reynolds, Los Angeles Times “Remarkably honest and ...

  7. See definition of better on adj. excelling, more excellent adj. improved in health adj. larger adv. in a more excellent manner verb improve performance; outdo synonyms for better Compare Synonyms exceptional improved superior choice exceeding fitter preferred sharpened sophisticated surpassing bigger finer greater higher quality

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  9. Khalid - Better (Official Video) - YouTube

    "Better" by KhalidListen to Khalid: to the new WATTS x Khalid single "Feels"

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    Better is a family of companies. Better Mortgage Corporation provides home loans; Better Real Estate, LLC provides real estate services; Better Cover, LLC provides homeowners insurance policies; and Better Settlement Services provides title insurance services. All rights reserved. Better Mortgage Corporation is a direct lender. All rights reserved.

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    Every year, the Better Government Association compiles Illinois’ most comprehensive database to review, explore and compare compensation for public employees throughout Illinois. We do this because the BGA believes detailing how tax dollars are spent serves the public interest.