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  2. The Return of Harmony - Wikipedia

    Twilight leads her friends back to Ponyville, which Discord has altered in a chaotic manner. Discord continues to taunt Twilight, who is determined to get back to the library in town to find a way to defeat Discord while her friends' personalities continue to become more warped, losing even more of their color until they are completely monochrome.

  3. Orichalcum - Wikipedia

    Orichalcum or aurichalcum / ˌ ɔːr ɪ ˈ k æ l k ə m / is a metal mentioned in several ancient writings, including the story of Atlantis in the Critias of Plato.Within the dialogue, Critias (460–403 BC) claims that orichalcum had been considered second only to gold in value and had been found and mined in many parts of Atlantis in ancient times, but that by Critias's own time orichalcum ...

  4. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (season 8) - Wikipedia

    Discord appears and offers to help out, but Starlight refuses. Discord begins to unleash chaos on the school with Starlight trying to control each situation. She gets fed up with his antics, and banishes him from the school grounds with her magic. The scavenger hunt goes underway afterwards, but Discord, manifesting as a ghost, sabotages it.

  5. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam - Wikipedia

    I suppose very few people have ever taken such Pains in Translation as I have: though certainly not to be literal. But at all Costs, a Thing must live: with a transfusion of one's own worse Life if one can’t retain the Originals better. Better a live Sparrow than a stuffed Eagle. (letter to E. B. Cowell, 4/27/59)