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  2. London Borough of Tower Hamlets - Wikipedia

    No ethnic group forms a majority of the population; a plurality of residents are white (45%), a little over two thirds of whom are indigenous White British. 32% of residents are Bangladeshi, which is the largest ethnic minority group in the borough, with Asians as a whole forming 41% of the population.

  3. British Asian - Wikipedia

    Asians in the United Kingdom (also referred to as Asian Britons and British Asians) are a multi-ethnic group of British citizens who are of Asian descent. They constitute a significant and growing minority of the people living in the United Kingdom, with 6.9% of the population identifying as Asian / Asian British in the 2011 United Kingdom census.

  4. Dhaka Commerce College - Wikipedia

    Dhaka Commerce College (Bengali: ঢাকা কমার্স কলেজ) is a master's level college in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.Established in 1989, it was the first college in Dhaka city to specialise in business studies.

  5. Persecution of Buddhists - Wikipedia

    The perpetrators of are the Bangladeshi military and the Bengali Muslim settlers, who together have burned down Buddhist and Hindu temples, killed many Chakmas, and carried out a policy of gang-rape against the indigenous people. There are also accusations of Chakmas being forced to convert to Islam, many of them children who have been abducted ...

  6. List of Albanian Americans - Wikipedia

    Florina Kaja – singer and reality TV actress, The Bad Girls Club Season 4; Bill Kovach – journalist and editor; Donald Lambro – journalist; Eric Margolis – journalist and editor of the Toronto Sun; mother is Albanian; Gjekë Marinaj – author and translator; Gjon Mili – photographer; Burim Myftiu – photographer

  7. Jamaica Estates, Queens - Wikipedia,_Queens

    Yeshiva University High School for Girls is just east of the Estates in Holliswood; United Nations International School Queens Campus, for students in grades K-8, is located on Croydon Road; intended for the children of UN diplomats and employees, enrollment is now open to everyone.

  8. Sari - Wikipedia

    Sari is the national wear of Bangladeshi women. All girls and married women used to wear sari as their regular clothes but nowadays most working women choose to wear shalwar kameez or western outfits instead. However, almost all women wear sari as an on formal event and social gatherings.