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  2. AZ (rapper) - Wikipedia

    Anthony Cruz (born March 9, 1972), better known by his stage name AZ, is an American rapper from Brooklyn, New York. He is known for being a longtime and frequent music partner of East Coast rapper Nas and also a member of hip hop group The Firm alongside Nas, Foxy Brown , Cormega and Nature .

  3. List of ITV News on air staff - Wikipedia

    ITV Weekend News (2021–) ITV Lunchtime News (2022-) ITV Evening News (2022-) Duncan Golestani ITV Weekend News (2019–) Jonathan Hill. ITV Weekend News (2013–) James Mates. ITV Weekend News (2002–) Lucrezia Millarini. ITV Evening News (2019–) ITV Lunchtime News (2017–) ITV News at Ten (2021–) ITV Weekend News (2015–) Rageh Omaar ...

  4. Sheinelle Jones - Wikipedia

    Sheinelle Marie Jones (born April 19, 1978) is an American journalist and a news anchor and correspondent for NBC News. She is one of the hosts of the third hour of Today on weekdays. She is also the host of the educational nature program Wild Child broadcast on The More You Know block on NBC.

  5. CNN effect - Wikipedia

    While the CNN effect most commonly refers to the effect that news media have on politics and government during political conflict, its effect on decisions made during natural disasters is also noteworthy. As videos and images are broadcast worldwide immediately after or even during natural disasters, these images may convince the public to ...

  6. Al-Zalzalah - Wikipedia

    Al-Zalzalah (Arabic: الزلزلة, al-zalzalah, meaning: "The Quake") is the 99th chapter of the Qur'an, composed of 8 ayat or verses. Although it is usually classified as a Medinan surah, the period during which the surah was revealed is not unanimously agreed upon by Qur'anic exegetes.

  7. America This Morning - Wikipedia

    America This Morning is an American early morning news program, broadcast on ABC on weekday mornings. The newscast is anchored by Andrew Dymburt and Rhiannon Ally, who also serve as anchors of ABC's overnight news program World News Now.

  8. The Five (talk show) - Wikipedia

    The Five is an American panel talk show on Fox News Channel in which full-time hosts Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino, Jesse Watters, Jeanine Pirro and rotating hosts Jessica Tarlov, Geraldo Rivera and Harold Ford Jr. discuss current stories, political issues, and pop culture.

  9. Katy Tur - Wikipedia

    Katherine Bear Tur (born October 26, 1983) is an American author and broadcast journalist working as a correspondent for NBC News.Tur is an anchor for MSNBC Reports, where since 2021 she has hosted Katy Tur Reports, airing from 2:00-3:00pm ET weekdays on MSNBC.