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  2. William Campbell (business executive) - Wikipedia

    Early life and career. Son of a local school official, Campbell was born and raised in Homestead, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh.He attended Columbia University, where he played football under coach Buff Donelli from 1959 to 1961.

  3. College graduates get better jobs at higher pay, along with flexible hours, remote work and student debt repayment as employers face worker shortages. careers Biden appoints 1st Native American as ...

  4. Bill Davis Racing - Wikipedia

    Bill Davis fielded a third part-time team for R&D purposes on numerous occasions. This car switched numerous times between No. 23 and No. 27. . The No. 23 car made its debut at the season finale NAPA 500 in 2000 with Scott Wimmer driving the No. 23 AT&T sponsored Pontiac. In 2001, the car once again did not appear until the final Atlanta race ...

  5. Xandr - Wikipedia

    Xandr, Inc. (pronounced "Zander") is the advertising and analytics subsidiary of Microsoft, which operates an online platform, called Community, for buying and selling consumer-centric digital advertising.

  6. Sam Wyly - Wikipedia

    In 2000, sold Sterling Commerce to AT&T for $3.9 billion. Five years later in 2005, AT&T resold the company for $1.4 billion to IBM. In 2002, co-founded Ranger Capital, a fund focused on small-cap stocks.: 224–225 As of 2006, Wyly was co-founder with son, Evan, the largest clean-energy producer Green Mountain Energy.

  7. Peering - Wikipedia

    A desire that the other network pay settlement, either in exchange for continued peering or for transit services. A belief that the other network is "profiting unduly" from the no-settlement interconnection. Concern over traffic ratios, which is related to the fair sharing of cost for the interconnection.

  8. Taxing and Spending Clause - Wikipedia

    to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; Of all the limitations upon the power to tax and spend, the General Welfare Clause appears to have achieved notoriety as one of the most contentious. The dispute over the clause arises from two distinct disagreements.

  9. NBA on NBC - Wikipedia

    The NBA on NBC is the branding used for presentations of National Basketball Association (NBA) games produced by the NBC television network in the United States. NBC held broadcast rights from 1955 to 1962 and again from 1990 (when it obtained the rights from CBS) to 2002.

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