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  2. AT&T Mexico - Wikipedia

    AT&T launched several new plans on August 24, 2015 under the AT&T brand and began renaming Iusacell and Nextel stores in a process that was completed by the end of 2016. AT&T invested an additional $3 billion in Mexico through 2018 to expand its high-speed mobile broadband `coverage to 100 million people, The company currently holds the largest ...

  3. MCI Communications - Wikipedia

    MCI Communications Corp. (originally Microwave Communications, Inc.) was a telecommunications company headquartered in Washington, D.C. that was at one point the second-largest long-distance provider in the United States.

  4. AT&T CEO: We see more of a 'stagflation' economy

    AT&T CEO John Stankey weighs in on the economic outlook for the U.S. at this critical ... Call us! 800-290-4726. Login / Join. Mail. ... Read the latest financial and business news from Yahoo Finance.

  5. Nextel Communications - Wikipedia

    Nextel provided digital, wireless communications services, originally focusing on the fleet and dispatch customers, but later marketed to all potential wireless customers. Nextel's network operated in the 800-MHz Specialized Mobile Radio band and used iDEN technology developed by Motorola. Nextel's iDEN network offered a then unique push-to ...

  6. Microsoft Mobile - Wikipedia

    Microsoft Mobile was a subsidiary of Microsoft involved in the development and manufacturing of mobile phones.Based in Espoo, Finland, it was established in 2014 following the acquisition of Nokia's Devices and Services division by Microsoft in a deal valued at €5.4 billion, which was completed in April 2014.

  7. Teleport Communications Group - Wikipedia

    Teleport Communications' service was very popular with long-distance carriers such as AT&T, MCI and Sprint who wanted to connect their long-distance networks to their largest customers without using the local telephone companies (the so-called regional Bell Operating Companies — RBOCs) which were perceived as strategic competitors that wanted ...

  8. Mobile network codes in ITU region 3xx (North America)

    AT&T: AT&T Mexico: Not operational: iDEN 800: Former Nextel; shut down 2017: 334: 020: Telcel: América Móvil: Operational: UMTS 850 / UMTS 1900 / LTE 850 / LTE 1700 / LTE 2600 / 5G: former Radiomóvil Dipsa; GSM shut down Sep 2020: 334: 030: Movistar: Telefónica: Operational: MVNO: former Pegaso PCS; MVNO on AT&T, own spectrum returned: 334: ...

  9. Collect call - Wikipedia

    A collect call service operates under 800 Reverse (operated by Reverse Corp Ltd), in the Republic of Ireland. It offers reverse charge calls from any fixed line phone, pay phone and most mobile phones (even if the prepaid credit has run out), to most fixed land line and mobile phones in the Republic of Ireland.