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  2. United States Army Futures Command - Wikipedia

    The planning process includes Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC), AFC's cross-functional teams (CFTs), Futures and Concepts (FCC), Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC), and Army Reserve's Houston-based 75th Innovation Command. At this stage, one goal is to formulate the plans in simple, coherent language which nests within the ...

  3. Fort McPherson - Wikipedia

    It was the headquarters for the U.S. Army Installation Management Command, Southeast Region; the U.S. Army Forces Command; the U.S. Army Reserve Command; the U.S. Army Central. Situated on 487 acres (1.97 km 2 ) and located four miles (6 km) southwest of the center of Atlanta, Fort McPherson is rich in military tradition as an army post dating ...

  4. Chronology of Provisional Irish Republican Army actions (1992 ...

    The army bomb disposal team attempting to defuse it all lost their hearing, and several military vehicles were damaged. 25 September 1992: a van bomb exploded outside the courthouse in Newry, County Down. The IRA claimed the bomb was a "directional device" targeting civilians contractors carrying out repairs.

  5. 15 (number) - Wikipedia

    15 is: A composite number, and the sixth semiprime; its proper divisors being 1, 3 and 5.; A deficient number, a smooth number, a lucky number, a pernicious number, a bell number (i.e. the number of partitions for a set of size 4), a pentatope number, and a repdigit in binary (1111) and quaternary (33).

  6. Dogs in warfare - Wikipedia

    Forty dog teams were deployed to Vietnam for a four-month test period, with teams placed on the perimeter in front of machine gun towers/bunkers. The detection of intruders resulted in a rapid deployment of reinforcements. The test was successful, so the handlers returned to the US while the dogs were reassigned to new handlers.

  7. Bell UH-1 Iroquois - Wikipedia

    UH-1s also flew "hunter-killer" teams with observation helicopters, namely the Bell OH-58A Kiowa and the Hughes OH-6 Cayuse (Loach). [9] [14] Towards the end of the conflict, the UH-1 was tested with TOW missiles , and two UH-1B helicopters equipped with the XM26 Armament Subsystem were deployed to help counter the 1972 Easter Invasion . [25]

  8. 22 (number) - Wikipedia

    In both American football and association football, a total of 22 players (counting both teams) start the game, and this is also the maximum number of players that can be legally involved in play at any given time. In Australian rules football, each team is allowed a squad of 22 players (18 on the field and 4 interchanges).

  9. 23 (number) - Wikipedia

    A related coincidence is that 365 times the natural logarithm of 2, approximately 252.999, is very close to the number of pairs of 23 items, 253. In base 10, 23 is the second Smarandache–Wellin prime, as it is the concatenation of the base 10 representations of the first two primes (2 and 3) and is itself also prime.

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