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  2. Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing (Saudi ...

    Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing ( MoMRAH; Arabic: وزارة الشؤون البلدية والقروية والإسكان) is a government ministry in Saudi Arabia that is responsible for the supervision and regulation of municipalities in the country. [1]

  3. Ministry of Housing (Saudi Arabia) - Wikipedia

    The Ministry of Housing is a cabinet-level government ministry in Saudi Arabia was established in 2011 by a royal decree and responsible for the supervision of the housing in the Kingdom. [1] [2] The Ministry also stimulate the development of housing products and supplying real estate. [1]

  4. Absher (application) - Wikipedia

    Absher (application) - Wikipedia Absher (application) View history Absher ( Arabic: أبشر ‘Abshar, roughly meaning "good tidings" or "yes, done" [1]) is a smartphone application which allows citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia to use a variety of governmental services.

  5. Saudization - Wikipedia

    Saudization ( Arabic: السعودة ), [1] officially the Saudi nationalization scheme and also known as Nitaqat ( Arabic: النطاقات ), is a policy that is implemented in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, which requires companies and enterprises to fill their workforce with Saudi nationals up to certain levels.

  6. Saudi foreign assistance - Wikipedia

    Saudi foreign assistance. Since the 1980s Saudi Arabia has provided foreign assistance to many countries and organizations. Between 1976 and 1987, Saudi developmental aid amounted to US$49 billion. [1] In 2006, it was reported that the country was the biggest per capita donor, though the aid had only been given to Muslim countries. [1]

  7. Saudi Arabian nationality law - Wikipedia

    Upon submitting the application, the applicant must: Acquire the status of ordinary permanent residence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the provisions of its system for a period of no less than five consecutive years. The applicant must be of good conduct.

  8. International Islamic Relief Organization - Wikipedia

    The International Organization for Relief, Welfare and Development ( Welfare; Arabic: الهيئة العالمية للإغاثة والرعاية والتنمية ), formerly known as the International Islamic Relief Organization or International Islamic Relief Organization of Saudi Arabia ( IIROSA ), is a charity based in Saudi Arabia founded by the Muslim World League in 1978.