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  2. Notice period - Wikipedia

    Notice periods in Denmark. Notice periods for white collar workers are defined in the Danish Law on Salaried Employees or "Funktionærloven", which are: 1 month if employed below 6 months; 3 months if employed below 3 years; 4 months if employed below 6 years; 5 months if employed below 9 years; 6 months if employed more than 9 years.

  3. Politics of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Denmark has been a member of NATO since its founding in 1949, and membership in NATO remains highly popular. There were several serious confrontations between the U.S. and Denmark on security policy in the so-called "footnote era" (1982–88), when an alternative parliamentary majority forced the government to adopt specific national positions ...

  4. Mortgage industry of Denmark - Wikipedia

    The mortgage industry of Denmark provides borrowers with flexible and transparent loans on conditions close to the funding conditions of capital market players. [ citation needed ] Simultaneously, the covered mortgage bonds [1] transfer market risk from the issuing mortgage bank to bond investors.

  5. History of Denmark - Wikipedia

    The war became a disaster for two reasons: Primarily, because Denmark's new powerful ally, the Netherlands, remained neutral as Denmark was the aggressor and Sweden the defender. Secondly, the Belts froze over in a rare occurrence during the winter of 1657–1658, allowing Charles X Gustav of Sweden to lead his armies across the ice to invade ...

  6. Denmark Vesey - Wikipedia

    Denmark Vesey (also Telemaque) (c. 1767 – July 2, 1822) was an early 19th century free Black pastor and community leader in Charleston, South Carolina, who was accused and convicted of planning a major slave revolt in 1822.

  7. Prince Axel of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Prince Axel of Denmark, RE, SKmd (Danish: Prins Axel Christian Georg til Danmark; 12 August 1888 – 14 July 1964) was a member of the Danish royal family. He was the second son of Prince Valdemar of Denmark and Princess Marie of Orléans , and a grandson of King Christian IX of Denmark .

  8. Danish nationality law - Wikipedia

    Visa requirements for Danish citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of the Kingdom of Denmark.In May 2018, Danish citizens had visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 185 countries and territories, ranking the Danish passport 5th in the world according to the Henley visa restrictions index.

  9. Christina of Denmark - Wikipedia

    The plan was for Christina to conquer Denmark with the support of Sweden, a plan Eric agreed to, if she could secure the support from the Emperor and the Netherlands. In 1566, Christina struck a medal referring to herself with the title Queen of Denmark, with the motto: Me sine cuncta ruunt (Without me all things perish).