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  2. Q&A - Wikipedia

    Q&A, also Q and A and Q+A, generally abbreviates the phrase "question and answer", and refers to a period of time or an occasion that follows a type of interview format, often public, when an individual "answers questions that are asked by a reporter, by the people in an audience, etc.".

  3. Lateral pterygoid muscle - Wikipedia

    The lateral pterygoid muscle (or external pterygoid muscle) is a muscle of mastication.It has two heads. It lies superior to the medial pterygoid muscle.It is supplied by pterygoid branches of the maxillary artery, and the lateral pterygoid nerve (from the mandibular nerve, CN V 3).

  4. Interrogative - Wikipedia

    Question types. Interrogative sentences are generally divided between yes–no questions, which ask whether or not something is the case (and invite an answer of the yes/no type), and wh-questions, which specify the information being asked about using a word like which, who, how, etc.

  5. Fictionary - Wikipedia

    Fictionary, also known as The Dictionary Game or simply Dictionary, is a word game in which players guess the definition of an obscure word. Each round consists of one player selecting and announcing a word from the dictionary, and other players composing a fake definition for it.