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  2. Airsoft - Wikipedia

    The guns used in airsoft are typically classified as imitation firearms. They have a mechanism for shooting projectiles 6 mm or 8 mm in diameter.. Airsoft guns are classified according to their operating principle, which can be spring-loaded, electric (battery-powered Automatic Electric Guns, Airsoft Electric Guns or "AEGs"), or gas-powered (if these have a blowback feature they are known as ...

  3. Crosman - Wikipedia

    Crosman Corporation is an American designer, manufacturer and supplier of shooting sport products, with a long-standing presence in airgun design and a tradition of producing pellet and BB guns. Crosman is also a producer of many varieties of airgun and airsoft ammunition and CO 2 Powerlet cartridges.

  4. Gel blaster - Wikipedia

    A gel blaster, also known as a gel gun, gel shooter, gel marker, hydro marker, hydro blaster, water bead blaster or gelsoft, is a toy gun similar in design to airsoft guns, but the projectiles they shoot are 6–8 mm (0.24–0.31 in) superabsorbent polymer water beads (most commonly sodium polyacrylate, colloquially called water beads, hydrogel balls, gel balls, water bullets or simply gels ...

  5. Toy gun - Wikipedia

    [citation needed] However, state laws relating to the regulation of toy, look-alike, or imitation firearms, or purporting to ban the sale or manufacture of bb guns, paintball guns, or airsoft guns are preempted by federal law. United Kingdom. There is a controversy as to whether or not toy guns are appropriate for children to play with.

  6. Academy Plastic Model - Wikipedia

    Airsoft guns. Academy makes Airsoft guns. Airsoft guns are low powered replica weapons that shoot 6 mm plastic BBs at moderate velocities. In 1992, they made the first "clone" AEG, or automatic electric gun. They referred to the Marui Famas gearbox, and made the Academy L85.

  7. Gun laws in Texas - Wikipedia

    In 2019, as a result of an inquiry regarding local regulations that "(1) prohibit firearm and ammunition sales within 1,000 feet of any school or church; (2) restrict the location of a business that sells guns or ammunition to the highest-density commercial areas; and (3) prohibit gun shops from locating within 200 feet of schools, public parks ...

  8. Firearms regulation in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    This has affected Airsoft in the UK by restricting the sale, import and purchase of airsoft replicas to individuals entitled to a specific defence, e.g. members of an organised airsoft site holding permitted activities with third-party liability insurance cover or re-enactors. The 2012 Olympics

  9. Firearms regulation in Switzerland - Wikipedia

    In order to purchase ammunition, the buyer must fulfil the same legal rules that apply when buying guns (art. 15 WG/LArm). Foreigners with citizenship to the following countries are explicitly excluded from the right to buy and own ammunition: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Algeria and Albania.