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  2. Project charter - Wikipedia

    In project management, a project charter, project definition, or project statement is a statement of the scope, objectives, and participants in a project. It provides a preliminary delineation of roles and responsibilities, outlines the project's key goals, identifies the main stakeholders, and defines the authority of the project manager.

  3. Charter - Wikipedia

    Charter can be used as a synonym for "hire" or "lease", as in the "charter" of a bus or boat or plane. A charter member (US English) of an organization is an original member; that is, one who became a member when the organization received its charter. A chartered member (British English) is a member who holds an individual chartered designation ...

  4. Team building - Wikipedia

    Many organizations negotiate a team charter with the team and (union leaders) Role clarification This emphasizes improving team members' understanding of their own and others' respective roles and duties. This is intended to reduce ambiguity and foster understanding of the importance of structure by activities aimed at defining and adjusting roles.

  5. Team effectiveness - Wikipedia

    According to Hackman (2002), there are also 5 conditions that research has shown to optimize the effectiveness of the team: Real Team – Stability in the group membership over time Compelling Direction – A clear purpose that relies on end goals Enabling Structure – The groups dynamic must be producing good, not bad

  6. High Tech High charter schools - Wikipedia

    In 2003, the first graduating class graduated with 50 students. In 2006, the Statewide Benefit Charter was approved. In 2007, High Tech High Digital Commons launched. In 2009, the statewide Benefit Charter was expanded to K-12. [citation needed] In 2010, it had approximately 3,500 students in high, middle, and elementary schools.

  7. Virtual team - Wikipedia

    6 Strengths of Virtual Teams 6.1 Team Composition 6.2 Innovation 6.3 Geographic Reach 6.4 National Diversity 6.5 Reduction in Relocation and Travel 7 Strategies to Mitigate Challenges of Virtual Work 7.1 Technology and Common Ground 7.2 Uneven Distribution of Information 7.3 Differences in What Information is Salient

  8. List of Marvel Comics teams and organizations - Wikipedia

    Assembly of Evil - The Assembly of Evil is a supervillain team consisting of Jester, Fenris, Hydro-Man, Rock (who the Leadersent in his place), and the reactivated Hulk Robot. This team was first seen during the "Acts of Vengeance" storyline, where Jester formed this team at Doctor Doom's suggestion to create a group to fight the Avengers.