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  2. Thermal energy storage - Wikipedia

    The different kinds of thermal energy storage can be divided into three separate categories: sensible heat, latent heat, and thermo-chemical heat storage. Each of these has different advantages and disadvantages that determine their applications. Sensible heat storage. Sensible heat storage (SHS) is the most straightforward method.

  3. Containerization - Wikipedia

    As this is an approximate measure, the height of the box is not considered. For instance, the 9 ft 6 in (2.90 m) high cube and the 4 ft 3 in (1.30 m) half height 20 ft (6.10 m) containers are also called one TEU. 48' containers have been phased out over the last ten years in favor of 53' containers. tare mass

  4. Solid-state drive - Wikipedia

    The basis for flash-based SSDs, flash memory, was invented by Fujio Masuoka at Toshiba in 1980 and commercialized by Toshiba in 1987. SanDisk Corporation (then SanDisk) founders Eli Harari and Sanjay Mehrotra, along with Robert D. Norman, saw the potential of flash memory as an alternative to existing hard drives, and filed a patent for a flash-based SSD in 1989.

  5. TDG Limited - Wikipedia

    Distribution logistics, 3PL, High-Cube transport network; Flexible end to end supply chain management; Bulk chemical storage and hazardous goods warehousing; Temperature controlled warehousing and distribution; International freight forwarding by air, sea or road; 4PL services that maximise efficiency and reduce costs; Customs brokerage services

  6. Asgardia - Wikipedia

    Etymology. Asgardia is taken from the name of one of the Nine Worlds in the Norse religion: Asgard (Old Norse: Ásgarðr, lit. 'Enclosure of the Æsir').Home to the Æsir tribe of gods, Asgard is derived from Old Norse áss, god and garðr, enclosure; from Indo-European roots ansu-spirit, demon (see cognate ahura; also asura) and gher-grasp, enclose (see cognates garden and yard), essentially ...

  7. HyperScan - Wikipedia

    Games retailed for $19.99 and the console itself for $69.99 at launch, but at the end of its very short lifespan, prices of the system were down to $9.99, the games $1.99, and booster packs $0.99. The system was sold in two varieties: a cube and a 2-player value pack. The cube box version was the version sold in stores.

  8. ODROID - Wikipedia

    1 × ADB/Mass storage (micro USB) Micro HDMI connector 3.5 mm jack and HDMI 10/100 Ethernet 5 V 2 A DC input (2.5 x 0.8 mm barrel connector) 48 × 52 mm Android, Ubuntu, Arch Linux: ODROID-X2 2012 SD card slot, eMMC module socket 6 × USB A Host, 1 × ADB/Mass storage (Micro USB) Micro HDMI connector, RGB 24-bit LCD interface port Mic

  9. Maglev - Wikipedia

    If the first phase succeeded American Maglev would propose two further phases (of 4.9 and 19.4 mi [7.9 and 31.2 km]) to carry the line to Walt Disney World. [196] San Juan – Caguas : A 16.7 mi (26.9 km) maglev project was proposed linking Tren Urbano 's Cupey Station in San Juan with two proposed stations in the city of Caguas, south of San Juan.